Customised Online Recruitment & Onboarding Hub

Bigger employers spend a fortune each year, on recruitment. And then lose a fortune (generally) on lower than ideal staff engagement (and thus lower staff productivity), low levels of staff retention, and extremely high recruitment / training / onboarding costs.

From $125 per recruiter / user per month. Minimum user number or subscription fee applies.


Existing core functionality from thousands of hours of development
Complete customisation to become your white label solution

The vast majority of software solutions out there are close to 100% ‘off-the-shelf’ which means your business literally has to plug into their software’s logic, and structure. Which we believe is back-to-front.

The alternative – you have custom software development that can do just about anything you want – but will probably cost 10 to 20 times more than buying an off-the-shelf solution.

So we have come up with a formula that stands alone, and stands apart. Capitalise on millions of dollars and thousands of hours of core functionality development without paying for most of it, and get the rest customised exactly to your requirements. Best of both worlds – what most clients really want.

How Online Recruitment & Onboarding Hubs should work…

Most companies rely on a mix of external recruitment agencies that are cost-intensive, internal recruiters that may not always have access to the right tools, and advertising on job boards (like Indeed, Monster, Seek, etc – depending on which country you are in) which is also very cost intensive. But if you employee staff regularly – having your own, customised and custom-branded recruitment, training and onboarding portal attached to your own website and or intranet / extranet – makes perfect sense, capitalises on your existing web traffic, and provides powerful and simple tools to dramatically reduce your cost of hiring, training and onboarding.

Pricing: fully hosted Recruitment & Onboarding Hubs starting from $125 per recruiter / user, per month. Minimum user number or monthly subscription fee applies.

Customisation: customisation pricing generally ranges from $25k to $150k, depending on how complex and how involved you want the customisation to be. The full scope is outlined, quoted and agreed upon upfront for customisation before you spend a dollar.

Target ROI*:¬†average minimum target ROI for a Recruitment & Onboarding Hub is – 3 to 8 times the cost of implementation, per annum. If we cannot help you to build a simple, plausible business case for this range of ROI upfront – we won’t take on your project. So you know that if you are going to invest – you have a solid case for an impressive ROI before you start.

*All ROI target ranges are based on prior client experiences and generalised figures based on industry and business research and statistics, are not warranted and are subject to your own circumstances.

Core Features:


  • Job Board customised (stylesheet and categories etc) to the company
  • Candidate / Resume Management system
  • Integration with 3rd party job boards / feeds
  • User Permissions for assigning role fulfilment to managers
  • Embeddable Job Widget to feed Job Listings into our social media or other sites
  • Job Alerts for candidates in candidate database to be alerted of new / relevant job listings
  • Geolocation-based Job Listing Directory
  • 3rd party app integrations
  • Social feed for jobs to social pages
  • Other customisations if & as required / agreed